Aarati mBank
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Aarati mBank

Why stand in line when you can be online? Aarati mBank offers convenient banking facilities through the Internet so its valued customers can save their time and money. Aarati mBank online banking features many of the traditional banking activities which previously could only be done through the counter.


With Aarati Mobile Banking, discover quick, simple and convenient way to take command of your bank account, on your mobile phone.


Our Mobile banking product “Aarati mBank” has the following Features:

  • Account Dashboard which links linked account information like Saving Account, Loan Account details.
  • Biometric Login Security using Fingerprint for both Login and Transaction Pin.
  • Graphical Statement and Account Dashboard
  • Payment to different Merchant Outlets using QR Code
  • Fund Withdraw using QR Code (Same Bank Only)
  • Interbank Fund Transfer
  • Easy to navigate Exchange rate, Stock Market
  • Credit Card Bill payments
  • Mobile Top up viz. NTC Prepaid/Postpaid, Ncell Prepaid/Postpaid, NT Landline, ADSL, Dishhome, SimTv, SmartCell
  • Recharge Cards viz. NT GSM, NT CDMA, Dishhome, Broadlink internet, SmartCell
  • Load Wallet : Khalti, ImePay, Prabhu Pay
  • Personalized QR Code
  • Electricity/Airlines/Internet/Dmat/MeroShare/TV/School Fees/Water Bill payment
  • Engaging Promotion banners
  • Request

A.Cheque Stop

B.Cheque Book

  • Accounts Enquiry


A.General Information

B.Full Information

C.Mini Statement

D.Full Statement

  • Settings

A.Change Login Password

B.Change Transaction Password

  • Message and History


A.Compose and Send Message

B.Read Message

C.Aarati mBank History

  • Begin using online banking services.

Step 1:
Download Aarati mBank from the Google Play Store (Android phones) and App Store (iPhones)


Step 2: 

Open the app and tap on ‘Login


Step 3:
Enter your Mobile Number and Account Number as registered at Aarati mBank


Step 4:
Enter the
Verification Code, OTP Code (e.g. 38798)


Step 5:
Setup your own Login Password Your Login Password must be of 6 character. It is required to login to your application which you can replace by fingerprint/face ID.


Note: The availability of biometric features are dependent on the model, make and software version of your phone.


Step 6:
You are now successfully registered to Aarati mBank Mobile Banking. Use your Mobile Number and Login Password to login.

Step 1:
Login to your Aarati mBank Mobile app using your mobile number and Login Password/Fingerprint/ Face ID.


Step 2:
Once logged in, you will see your account dashboard. Tap on Banking icon to view a summary of all your accounts maintained at Aarati mBank.


Step 3:
Tap on the Account Info icon.You will see your all type of account information (e.g. saving, aarati plus, loan A/C) and Available Balance with Accrual Interest Show .


Step 4:
Tap on Full Statement to view the account statement. A few recent transactions will be shown be default on dashboard Activity. You may tap on the Search icon to choose a different time period.


Step 5:
You can even download the statement by tapping on the Download icon.